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My first semester of college I had a 2.81. It’s embarrassing to share this, but I enjoy writing my personal stories in hopes someone will learn from my successes and failures.

I struggled my freshman and sophomore years of college. Getting as low as a 2.67 my first semester of sophomore year. It wasn’t that I wasn’t intelligent, I was coming from a 3.6 high school GPA, but I just got lost in the general requirements.

Because of the stress of having an inconsistent transcript, I missed out on opportunities because I was too scared that my GPA was too low to pledge in a sorority, study abroad, or apply for scholarships.

I was determined not to miss out on anymore future opportunities. Once I got into my major and minor, I pushed myself to improve. I learned that I tend to do well in courses that I enjoyed and where I had to write and participate more than take exams. I decided to stick with what I knew; I enrolled in courses that interested me and I ended up gradually going from  2.67 semester GPA to 3.2 to finally a 3.75 semester GPA senior year.

I would never have thought  that during college I would go from getting every single letter grade with the exception of an F to going to graduate school and finishing with a 3.6.

It has been an up-hill battle: struggling during undergrad to going to graduate school; graduating and then searching for work for nearly two years; finding a great job that gave me the confidence and experience I needed to apply for my Ph.D.; and finally being accepted into a Ph.D.program.

Never in my life would I have thought I would go to school for my Ph.D. Never in my life did I think I would actually get accepted.

I always say if I can do it anyone can.

If you are struggling in school, your job hunt, or just feeling down. Know that it really does get better. You just have to be patient because the “it gets better part ” may take some time. The feelings of sadness eventually will turn into happiness.

You can make things improve by just keeping on. Everyday keep yourself busy. Fake it until you make it! Even if you feel terrible, go outside and smile. If you can’t find a job, start your own opportunity. If you are struggling in school, go to the professor’s office, do extra credit, and participate in class.

You can do it.

If I can go from a 2.67 to getting into a Ph.D. program, you can do it!

Just stay focused, determined, and positive. You got this!



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