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No matter how grim life appears, there are always positive aspects that outweigh the negative. Viewing life optimistically will aid in uplifting spirits and diminish negative feelings.

One method that aids me in keeping my spirits high is my Positive Aspects Notebook. I started keeping the notebook after reading about the concept in Esther and Jerry Hicks’ book Ask and It Is Given. The book states to use a notebook that is pleasing to the eye and to start every entry with: Positive Aspects of _____, then write about only the positive aspects of anything in your life.

With my notebook, I went for simplicity and just used a Mead marble notebook. Inside I have documented positive aspects of vacations, my car, friends, family, and more. My notebook is dear to me, worn and falling apart. Whenever I am feeling gloomy or down, I open my notebook and read all my entries. My notebook isn’t entirely filled and I don’t write in it every day, however, the positive feelings it gives me after reading, is worth the time spent documenting positive moments.

I recommend everyone keep some form of a Positive Aspects notebook for sanity and to show that life isn’t as bad as we often make it out to be.



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