The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill or what many call the BP Oil Spill occurred late April 2010.  This disaster has effected everyone and everything; the land, the wildlife, the people. The truth and the details of the damages have appeared to be withheld from the general public. As a resident of the Northeast I can’t help but feel for the people who live on the Gulf Coast, life as they know it has been forever changed. Life as we know it has been forever changed. Even though many of us are not effected directly by the oil spill, indirectly many of us will be.

 I have always had interests in environmental issues, but recently, it has heightened. I would like to delve past the surface and research more on what the oil spill means for those in the Gulf region and beyond.


One question that came to mind: If you are a person who eats organic foods or has plant based diet do you still eat from the earth?


What is the better option for those in this scenario? Should a health conscious individual eat food from the ground, knowing that the rainfall has adversely effected the land. Or should they now purchase foods that are processed or not locally grown? Maybe ship foods from another state?


Which is safer? More Logical? A dilemma could arise for those health conscious individuals.


Individuals from other parts of the country should not be fooled into thinking this oil spill does not effect their region. I like to look at it through this analogy: if you were to drop food coloring into a bathtub filled with water, eventually the food coloring would disperse throughout the entire tub. It might not happen right away, but eventually the whole tub will be colored. This is how I view the oil spill.


Eventually we all will be effected. How will you react? And what will you do to help?



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Photo Credit: Marine Photobank

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