About four years ago, I met Jason Stefaniak while volunteering and we stayed in touch over the years. Jason has been a huge supporter of my writings, and I a huge supporter of his filmmaking.

Two years ago, I interviewed Jason about his filmmaking process  and the crowdfunding campaign he was running for his film, ‘But Not For Me.’

A lot has happened since Jason was last profiled on this website. Jason cofounded a production company called, Impolite Company  and  ‘But Not For Me’ was the official selection at the Virginia Film Festival and Audience Choice Award and Best Original Score Award at the Brooklyn Film Festival!

‘But Not For Me’, “tells the story of a struggling, disillusioned young writer named, Will Stewart, who discovers a fledgling sense of hope when a beautiful violinist moves in next door and agrees to perform with him on the city streets.”

”But Not For Me,’ took me on a musically insightful journey. The first scene with the narrator set the foundation for the remainder of the film, which takes place in New York, the city where many struggle yet still find hope. There were many lines from this movies that made me think about my career, but one that stood out to me was “what contribution are you making to humanity.” This line really made me think about my day to day life and if I am doing work that is defining me or am I defining how I want to impact others.

Beyond the insightful thoughts on creative expression and contributions to humanity, it is the music that steals the show. I enjoyed the soundtrack of this movie. My favorite songs were ‘Evils’ and ‘Office Party’ – two songs that were played at important parts of the movie.

When the movie ended, I was left wanting more. I hope to see more from writer/director Carmichael and producer Stefaniak.

Check the Trailer below


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