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I have a problem. I cannot shamelessly plug my accomplishments and business. In fact I shy away from talking about my skills, talents, accomplishments, etc. It’s like pulling teeth for me to discuss what I do. Humble right? Wrong. If I am to expand and grow my business, I have to let people know it exists.

During college, I ceased using my Facebook as a personal sharing tool, but as a general sharing tool. I deleted all my photos and posts and started over. I started to only post information that could benefit everyone on a whole, with the occasional personal update. When Facebook gave the option for subscribers and public shares, I jumped on it, but I still was not sharing my own blog posts, I was sharing others.

I am not sure where this fear of sharing originated, but I realized it was a problem when I looked on my personal Facebook wall and I was sharing more of other peoples businesses, events, and accomplishments than my own.

I love to share information, but I realized that I should also share my information as well. I never shared articles from my Closed Lids  blog or Lisa Inks blog because my personal Facebook was not my target market; they were friends, family, and acquaintances. I felt that if I shared my blog posts on smoothies, wellness, entrepreneurship, etc people would feel spammed. I am still learning and it took a few missed opportunities for me to learn not to care and share. I now share my blog posts from Lisa Inks and Closed Lids on my personal Facebook and the response has been positive.

I realized I had a problem talking about my business when:

(1) I was sitting on a 3am train ride back to Long Island from Manhattan. I was sitting next to a group of six young women, who were complaining that they had papers due and they were going to be too hungover to work on their assignments. My stop was the next one and I knew in my mind that it was the perfect opportunity for me to hand out my business cards and let them know I am available for tutoring, writing, and editing. Yet, As the train pulled up to my stop, I got up and walked off without saying one word! As I walked the platform, I felt like I was doing the walk of shame; I passed up a perfect opportunity to let six individuals know about my business. It was a very long walk that night. I had to do a lot of soul searching. I let my fear of rejection or seeming like an eavesdropper affect my ability to pitch my business.

(2) The next night I was helping a friend work the door at a lounge. It was late and the crowd slowed down, so I had time to read on my Kindle Fire. The owner of the lounge approached me and asked if I was reading an eReader. When I replied yes, he proceeded to tell me he had a book on Amazon that was .99 cents and I should download it. I was floored. He had no problem seizing opportunity, walking up to me, and telling me about his book. Yet, the night before, I could not do the same to the group of college students. That weekend, I learned about self promotion.

I now have no problem telling individuals or strangers about my business. I had an elevator pitch, it was about time I put it into practice. I now have no problem sharing my blog posts for friends, family, and acquaintances to see. Sharing my information builds my brand, name recognition, visibility, and invites individuals to do business with me.  Now, with me, there is no such thing as the shameful plug, I shamelessly and proudly share my information alongside others.

Have you ever had difficulties sharing your accomplishments?


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