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What are the five most important questions that a business, non-profit, or any other type of organization should ask? I currently am reading the Five Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask About Your Organization, by Peter F. Drucker written in collaboration with: Jim Collins, Phil Kotler, Jim Kouzes, Judith Rodin, and V. Kasturi Rangan.

This book examines the five questions  and these questions are discussed by five leadership experts. This is a quick read. The book is a little over one hundred pages, but it is an important tool that will aid in narrowing down the important aspects of an organization. The five questions are:


1. What is our mission?
2. Who is our customer?
3. What does the customer value?
4. What are our results?
5. What is our plan?

These are basic, but essential questions that any individual should be asking when running an organization or hosting an event. To me this goes beyond the business plan, this is in a nutshell what an organization is about. I realized that I needed to go back to the drawing board and truly answer these questions. Now that I have had a year of running this business, what I might have envisioned a year ago, might not be the same today. I decided to go through the questions and see what areas I could work on.

My answers to the five questions:

What is our mission:

Lisa Inks from project conception to completion provides professional creative creations that allow clients to enjoy everyday life away from pressing deadlines.

Who is our customer:

Students, young professionals, and small businesses.

What does the customer value:

Commitment and dedication to: creativity, client satisfaction, innovation, leadership, professionalism, and quality work.

What are our results:

Quality work and client satisfaction.

What is our plan:

To continue to build solid relationships with each client, which in turn allows them to feel appreciated enough to spread the word. To grow and continue to provide quality services.

When going through the questions, I realized that what is our plan, took the longest for me to answer and that my mission could use some work. The vision I have is broad and I should be more specific. I look forward to finishing this book and learning more about management and organizational theories.

What do you feel are five important questions to ask when running an organization?



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