I always have been an avid reader, at every library visit I would pick up three fiction and three nonfiction books. Eventually this habit led me to the new age section of the library. By the age thirteen, I created my first natal chart and from that point on I became interested in a range of topics.

I feel that my life purpose is to aid individuals through community work and my writing. I have found a way to uniquely combine my many interests and apply it to alternative interests.

Throughout my youth and into adulthood I have had precognitive dreams, been empathetic, and intuitively lived life. Interested in my own dreams and those of others, I applied my natural gift with research and began analyzing dreams. As a result, I came up with the idea Closed Lids.

Without reading and experimenting with different thoughts, I would not possess the knowledge I have today

If you are new to alternative thought this list of 30 different resources will aid you on your journey. If you are veteran, this list will provide you with a reminder.

Obviously, I had trouble narrowing the list down, hence the 30 links. However, I feel that it is comprehensive and can be a beginning point for many.

Health- If you are to have a clear mind, your body must be rid of toxins.

1. Mountain Rose Herbs– Organic herbs, essential oils, extracts, and spices.
2. Dherbs– Natural herbal compounds, organic minerals and vitamins, and cleanses.
3. The Raw Family– A ‘green’ family, that help individuals learn about natural healing and nutrition
4. Raw Mocha Angel– Inspires individuals through her journey to raw vegan.
5.Essential Oil Recipes– An aromatherapist who blogs about essential oils.
6. Queen Afua– Aids individuals rejuvenate the body back to wellness.
7. Veg News– Magazine focused on vegetarian lifestyle.

Law of Attraction- You can attract into your life anything you desire.

8. Esther Hicks– Comprehensive information about using the law of attraction in your life.


Spirituality/Energy Medicine- Look within yourself to discover your inner path.
9. Lightworker Activation– Aids individuals grow spiritual and gain confidence in gifts.

10. Avalaura Healing Center– Holistic healer, spiritual teacher, counselor, who aids individuals through various mediums.
11. Beautiful Shining Divine– Provides information to aid individuals with accessing joy.
12. Practically Intuitive– Using intuitive gifts in a practical way.
13. Deepak Chopra– Promotes healthy living, spiritual growth, and expanding the consciousness
14. Donna Eden- Using energy medicine to renew the body.

Astrology-  Discover yourself through the positioning of the planets at the time of your birth.

15. Cafe Astrology– Learn about signs and planets.
16. Astro– Learn about signs and planets.
17. Alabe– Learn about signs and planets.


Dreams- Gain understanding while you sleep.
18. Lucid Dreaming– Information about lucid dreaming and astral projection.
19. Rem Cloud– Millions of people all over the world submitting dreams in real time. A “Twitter” for dreams.
20. Jane Teresa Anderson– Insight into dreams using alchemy.
21. Lifetreks– Insight into dreams
22. Closed Lids– Dreams, astrology, community forums,  and more.


Community Forums– Engage in discussions and learn while communicating with others.
23. The Resistance– Discussions on all topics ranging from politics to conspiracies to the paranormal to meditation
24. Dream View– Discussions on all topics dealing with dreams
25. Dherbs– Discussions all topics dealings with health, politics, metaphysics, and more
26. Mystical Wonders– Discussions on all topics dealing with dreams, paranormal, astrology, and much more.


Green Planet– Without Earth, we would not be in existence. Help her survive.
27. Greenpeace– Take action and learn about conservation.
28. Treehugger– Comprehensive site with information on green efforts and how to take action.
29. Call 2 Recycle- Nationwide information on how to recycle batteries and cellphones. Provides information for United States and Canada.


Acquire Knowledge– If you don’t read, how will you learn?
30. Closed Lids– Resource page with a list of books


30 different websites that can aid you on your journey. These 30 different resources are just the tip of the iceberg. Would you like to add on to the list? Comment with what websites or books helped you on your path.



An urban planning PhD student finding  peace in creating a balance between the mind, body, soul, & environment.

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