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Using hot topics to further your company agenda

As a business owner, should hot topics be used to further company agenda? #Firstworldproblems is a hashtag that frequents social media networks and is used by individuals to express daily frustrations. Often times these frustrations are things that most would consider a blessing. For example(these are actual tweets): “I hate when my mint gum makes my water too […]

  • Passive Income Journey: BrandingEntrepreneurship

    Branding is like being marked cattle. Companies allocate money to create strategies, systems, and plans that will make a lasting impression on potential or current consumers. Business owners have been led to believe that in order to succeed, they must develop a name, logo, tagline, color, etc that will create an awareness in a target […]

  • Panhandling LessonsEntrepreneurship

    If you have ever been to New York, you probably have had interesting experiences riding the subway. It is not uncommon for an individual to approach passengers in a train car and solicit money or food. Often times, they are ignored or if they are lucky, they receive some loose change. A couple of weeks […]