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I have a bad habit of reading (or listening to) multiple books at once and one the current books I am reading is Silent Spring by Rachel Carson.

I’m only on page 8, but already I can see the things she wrote in 1962 ring true in 2013.

The apple trees were coming into bloom but no bees drones among the blossoms, so there was no pollination and there would be no fruit…This town does not actually exist, but it might easily have a thousand counterparts in America or elsewhere in the world.

In the 1960s Rachel Carson was portrayed as a hysterical woman, despite her profession; a biologist and conservationist.

It is alarming to think what Rachel Carson wrote is happening now. This town does exist. The collapse of the bees is happening.

I can’t wait to continue on with this book and view the environment from her eyes and compare issues from 1962 to 2013.

What books transformed your environmental views?


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