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Entering the third month of the new year, I have been reflecting on my goals and aspirations and how to bring them into fruition. To reach my goals, I have to continue stepping out of my comfort zone. I will not move, if I do not take a step.

This is just a short post to remind you and myself that without taking risk, reward will not be gained. Do not get caught up on the word risk. Risk can be taking a chance that something you give up will lead to something of value; there is a grey area of uncertainty, but that grey can lead to something fulfilling. Risk could mean quitting your job, moving to Thailand, and becoming a chef. Or risk can be as small as changing eating habits or nail polish color. You can also take calculated risks; taking a risk does not mean it has to be spontaneous, it can be planned.

If there is something you strive for, you won’t get it sitting down and hoping it will fall in your lap. You have to make changes to your habits. You have to take some calculated and uncalculated risks and once that happens, once you put in the hard work and effort, you arrive at the reward.

This post was inspired by a drawing posted by a talented graphic artist who is a student at Arizona State University. Every Monday, Scott draws  an inspirational quote on the wall of my office building. It is amazing to see the detail. You should check out Scott’s work on his website or his Instagram.


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Photo Credit: Scott Biersack 

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