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Over six years ago, I had a chance encounter with Dean Moore of Heiport Apparel on the streets of New York City. His brother had something stuck on his jacket and I approached him to let him know. From that interaction, we made small talk and realized we both were from Long Island and lived minutes from one another. From that chance encounter, we became great friends and years later, created a mastermind group over our shared interest in the empowerment of young people, entrepreneurship, and personal development.

Over the years, I have gained great respect for Dean and his drive for quality, customer experience, and his genuine concern for the improvement of people’s lives. I have learned to pay close attention to creative details and appearances. There are very few people I know with desire to create such quality products and experiences.

Dean is one of my many friends who have used crowdfunding as a method to achieve their goals. Dean has a clothing line called Heirport Apparel, which is seeking contributions via Kickstarter (Hurry campaign ends tonight!). I decided to interview him to gain more insight into the Heirport Apparel brand and their Kickstarter Campaign.

Below is the interview:

1. Thank you for taking the time to answer questions Dean. Please introduce yourself to the readers.

My name is Dean “DMF’ (K. Moore) I’m from Roosevelt, NY, I’m a visionary entrepreneur and the concept creator and Chief Creative Officer of Heirport. My expertise is creative direction, knowing what I’m not good at, and I also have the uncanny ability to see the good in almost any situation.

2. In the fashion industry there are many options to choose from, how have you used branding to build a following?

“Simplicity is sophistication” It’s human nature to put things into categories or group them for ease of understanding. Designing the criteria for that “group” of ideas that will be associated with your name/ identity is the catch. Our main icon is a helipad which signifies a platform for taking off and touching down, the two most important elements of flight, the same way new fashion emerges using a catwalk/runway as a platform. Our branding is based around this diverse concept and wordplay. Our goal is to be thought provoking and innovative. This also carries through to the styling of our products. People identify with these ideas and appreciate what the brand represents and the attention to detail.

3. Heirport is an international brand, how have you successfully communicated with people from other countries? Are they open to your message and product?

Via candid and honest one on one conversations in culturally enriched areas. Our goal is to travel the globe in its entirety just to get a better idea of how everything works. For right now we do that one city at a time. We are always met with open arms which always results in a valuable exchange of information. Our message and products have been well received thus far.

4. The Heirport mission has some interesting concepts “Life on a Higher Plane”  and  “Our apparel and accessories are all directly inspired by experiences and increasing knowledge of the many ways of the world. Our goal is to simultaneously heighten style and awareness”

What ways will you go beyond fashion and create a movement of change? Are you involved with community development or activism?

We don’t look at it as outreach, we consider it our responsibility to have an active role in the lives of the people closest to us and who we have the most influence on. This directly correlates with the raising of the young in our immediate families and communities by sharing our experiences with them and drawing parallels between us and them so that we are relatable. We also demonstrate how to set clear goals, plan and then see them through.

We moonlight as teachers coaches mentors and pillars in our communities with a full time investment in our families.

5. Why did you decide to utilize the Kickstarter platform?

We wanted to inform and mobilize our current supporters to share our story, be a  part of our advancement, to be proud of what we have created, and the recognize our potential to grow together. It’s an exciting time for us! We’re ready to leave our mark on the world, we want to be displayed prominently everywhere, from bottom of the lowest burrows to the tops of the tallest platforms.

6. Why should people contribute to this campaign?

People should back our project because we’re the badge of excellence that you’d be proud to represent in style and concept. Cool is innate characteristic of ours, and there’s no harm in being cool. As influencers, thought leaders, and content creators, professionally we are first – mentors, teachers, coaches and thought producers you would want defending creative integrity, demonstrating peer to peer, and broadcasting via mass media superior imagery and information to elevate and inspire our current and future generations.

7. Where can people find you on the web?

heirportapparel.com | instagram.com/heirport | facebook.com/heirport | twitter.com/heirport


Thank you Dean for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer these questions. Please visit the Heirport Apparel Kickstarter campaign and make a contribution by midnight tonight (12/2/2013).


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