My passive income journey is just that, a journey. I am in the beginning stages of my trip and by November 1, 2012, I will arrive at my destination.  As stated in my previous post, my passive income project will be my book on Haiti.

Passive income earners are constantly looking for ways to put more value into the hands of more people. They want to be as generous as possible. They love to share. And so society rewards them with streams of passive income, so they get paid even when they aren’t working. Society doesn’t care how hard you work. It doesn’t care how creative you are. It only cares about the value you’re actually getting into people’s hands. That’s what you get paid for — for value delivery — not for your ideas, or your long work days, or your intrinsic value as a human being. – Steve Pavlina

I continue reading Steve Pavlina’s passive income series, I have realized that I can take my passive income journey further. I am already delivering value to individuals via Lisa Inks’ editing, event management, writing, and social media services.  But, my value ends there. After I complete a client’s work, the relationship ends. How can I deliver value to multiple people at the same time? Steve Pavlina’s stated in his post: why do people bother spending time with you? Well, people like to hear what I have to say, they pick my brain for advice, and they find me interesting. How can I take these points and turn them into a value product that can be delivered to many individuals at once? Off the top of my head, I can think of a few things: writing, podcasting, or YouTube. I can also take the advice that I give out to individuals and create one or many products for production. For my Closed Lids blog, I could take my holistic health advice a step further and develop products: chapsticks, massage oils, hand lotions, teas, and more.

This topic on the passive income series was difficult for me. It is tough to figure out what I have that can provide value to many individuals while at the same time providing me with passive income.


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