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We are all pressed for time and making smoothies and juices can be time consuming. To save myself a little bit of time, I prepare my smoothies ahead of time. I have a tendency to go out of control when I go fruit and vegetable shopping. I always buy too much. What I do now is take half of the fruits and vegetables that I purchased and separate them into different combinations. I then take each combination and put it into Ziploc bags and place them into the freezer.

When I am ready to make a smoothie, I grab a bag, put the contents into the blender, and add either almond milk or water. I then pour the smoothie into my Ball freezer jars (approx. $5 for a pack of five 8 ounce jars and $8 for a pack of four 16 ounce jars) and either place it in the fridge for the week or put in the freezer to drink later. Each bag made me about four 8 ounce jars and one 16 ounce jar, so a total of five jars per Ziploc bag. With that number, you can drink green smoothies five times a week, or all day.  The amount yielded, all depends on the amount of liquid placed in the blender. This has saved me time and I also get to eat fruits and vegetables that are no longer in season because I freeze them.

Do you have any quick smoothie preparation tips?



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