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Branding is like being marked cattle. Companies allocate money to create strategies, systems, and plans that will make a lasting impression on potential or current consumers.

Business owners have been led to believe that in order to succeed, they must develop a name, logo, tagline, color, etc that will create an awareness in a target market.

In Steve Pavlina’s latest post,it is clear that he is against the concept of branding.

Branding, brand management, and brand strategy are rooted in fear and are completely unnecessary. This is true whether we’re talking about business, product, organizational, or personal branding. Steve Pavlina

His article is on how branding is fear based and companies use branding as a form of control, all done on the subconscious level. Pavlina advocates for clear and truthful communication. He uses his own company as an example; he is not hiding behind an entity name and uses his own name. He is himself and what is seen via his products and services are what you would get if you were to meet him in person.

I see where Pavlina is trying to make his point that branding is filled with falsehood and manipulation; I do think that within his own points, he is affirming branding. He is affirming that a brand should not use advertising manipulations to gain consumers, but should be personable; flaws and all. This is branding. Pavlina’s brand is being himself.

Brand name awareness equals credibility. Awareness of your brand or business usually means confidence in it, and confidence is the key to health sales. (Levinson, 2007, p. 311)

Pavlina’s name, personality, and open door attitude is what his readers and consumers love. Pavlina, himself, is why individuals use his services or trust his affiliations with other businesses. He is a brand.

When creating my concepts for Closed Lids and Lisa Inks, I did not conceptualize a brand. I may talk about my brand in articles, but I am not referring to a strategy. I am referring to me. I am my brand. Individuals utilize my services because of the brand of Lisa-Marie.

When speaking truth and communicating clearly to consumers, there should not be a fear of competition.  Each individual has their own unique personality, if you are communicating your truth, then you do not have competition. Individuals are drawn to a company because of trust. Be yourself, infuse your unique personality, and the need to obsess over creating the perfect branding strategy disappears. There is no need to create a strategy if you are yourself.

If you have been following along with my passive income journey, you know that I am writing a book about my journey to Haiti. I have been researching different ways I can market this book and gain sales.  Even though this book is separate from my other businesses, I still am going to market this book as the brand of Lisa-Marie. Being consistent is important and if I am myself, I do not need to change up because I am now working on a book. If I decided to open up a franchise, I would still be myself.

That to me is the most important thing when thinking of the concept of branding. Push all the textbook definitions aside and be yourself and think of your consumer’s best interest.  Well, what happens, if you are not marketable? We live in a world that is obsessed with reality television and transparency. Everyone is marketable. Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone loves a transparent person, because they feel connected. They see the human aspect.

What is your brand? Do you believe in branding?


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