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Accepting donations can be a form of passive income. It might not get you tons of money, but if you are someone like Steve Pavlina and provide quality free information, someone might feel the need to donate money. I am not against donations, but I never have felt comfortable asking people for money; though ironically enough, I actually am quite skilled in fundraising (I just don’t like it). I guess it stems from me thinking that asking for a donation is like begging or promoting poverty consciousness, but when I look at it from another perspective, it just is another form of receiving.

There are times I have visited a website and I did not need any products or services, but I still donated money. Who knows, maybe there are people who would like to do the same for me. I have been experimenting with the Amazon Associates program (lots of clicks, but still no hits) and I am open to adding a donation button on my website.

I made the decision to use any of the money collected from the Amazon Associates program or donations, for improving and running this website. Any amount can be put towards the maintenance of the domain.

During this journey towards passive income, I have been keeping an open to mind to all the possibilities that exist. In recent blog posts, Pavlina discusses virtual real estategenerating ideasinvestments, and eBooks. I am most open to eBooks, since I enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts, but I am not closed off to investing or even virtual real estate. I would choose investing over virtual real estate, but I would invest more in people or businesses before I would trade stocks. However, just like anything, it takes repetition, practice, and studying to perfect a new trade. I would have to read more into virtual real estate and investing before I attempted to dabble.

With my own project, which is my book, I have been studying self-publishing, typography, writing, branding, and platform. There are many aspects to think of if I want to independently release my book. I have had some people tell me it would be easier to go through a publisher, but with my personality, I like to be hands on. This will give me another opportunity to grow upon what I have learned from my two businesses that already exist. I now am more versed in the power of social media, I know more about building a brand, and I personally just like to start new things. For me, it would be nice to reach my goal of the book generating at least 1,500 dollars a month, but the nicest thing would be  knowing that I wrote, published, and released a book. It is something to cross off my bucket list.

This journey is teaching me a lot of about initiative and taking risks.

What have you learned while following along with the passive income series?



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