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It has been awhile since I gave an update on my passive income journey.  I didn’t make my goal of completing my book by November 1st, but I made progress.

My original passive income affirmation statement was: I am now successfully creating a new stream of passive income by November 1, 2012, that generates at least $1500 per month on average and endures for a minimum of 10 years, and I am doing this in a way that delivers strong value for many others around the world.

I didn’t quite complete my book, but I would say I am about 50% done. I was feeling discouraged at some points as I continued to pen my stories about Haiti,  then I got great feedback.

I read stories to my writing group and they were supportive. They gave me great feedback and ideas. I love that my group has my back and I can’t wait to gift each of them a copy of my book. I also read some stories to my uncle and sister; they too gave positive feedback. The best part of that day;  my other younger sister who is 18 and pretty much seems to never pay my works any mind, came up to me and said “hey Lisa, I really like your book” and walked away. Not only was I shocked,  my entire family was silent. For one, I did not even know she was listening, she had her headphones on the entire time. That was the weekend of Hurricane Sandy and we left Long Island for my grandmother’s home in Brooklyn. We had just spent 4 days in the dark and then spent time at my grandmas. My younger sister, was finally recovering from the lack of internet. To say I was shocked that she said that to me, would be an understatement. Her simple words meant a lot to me.  I know her personality and she truly must have enjoyed my book to peel herself away from her iPad and compliment me.

Little interactions like those are what keep me motivated to complete my book.  I have toyed with some other ways to make passive income and I even have two family members who want to give me start up money for one of the ideas, but for some reason, until I complete this book, I cannot start another project.

I have a bad habit of over multitasking  Multitasking to the point that I have 10 projects going on at once and can only complete 1. So I have decided that my early New Year’s resolution is to work on one thing at a time. I can finish things faster if I dedicate my time to one thing.

I put aside four hours a day for me to write. I am a fast writer, so if I keep to that, my book will be completed mid December. I also need to decide if I will go the self-publishing  or traditional publishing route. That is a tough decision, because I want to do everything myself, but as a business person, I know I need to delegate. An author should only focus on two things: writing and marketing.  I probably will go the traditional publishing route and if after 6-12 months I get no feedback I will start fundraising and self publish.

I would love to hear from those who were following Steve Pavlina’s passive income series.  What is your progress?


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    • byNadia
    • onDecember 5, 2012

    cant wait for the book!!!

    • Thank you Nadia! Your support/excitement makes me excited 🙂

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