Amethyst: Powerful and spiritual

Amethyst, a purple/lavender stone, is one of the most spiritual and common crystal one can obtain.

Amethyst is a powerful and highly spiritual crystal. Its protective properties can guard against psychic attacks, block stress, and aid in overcoming addictions. An individual who lacks focus would benefit from owning an Amethyst crystal. This calming crystal helps individuals focus, enhances new ideas, and aids in decision making. This stone is versatile enough for a new business owner or a spiritual person. For those who seek to center their emotions, amethyst is perfect for enhancing consciousness, spirituality, and meditation.

Placement of a stone while using it,  is important for various reasons. With Amethyst, the stone can be placed on the 3rd eye, heart, or throat for stimulation. The placement of the stone can aid in Outer Body Experiences (OBE) and bring intuitive dreams to an individual. For those who suffer from insomnia or nightmares, placing Amethyst under the pillow can aid the sleeper. To draw in energy, place the point of the crystal toward the body and to draw off energy place the point away.

Amethyst has several healing properties and different types of Amethyst have additional healing properties.
The healing properties are:

  • Boosts production of hormones
  • Strengthens the organs, metabolism, and the endocrine/immune system
  • Relieves pain, stress, headaches
  • Reduces bruising
  • Heals lung and skin conditions
  • Treats insomnia
  • Helps transition to death
  • Stimulates throat and crown chakra
  • Balances physical, mental, and emotional feelings

Amethyst is a wonderful stone to add to a crystal collection because of its powerful and spiritual properties. With all crystals that are obtained the user should remember to cleanse and program the crystal.




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31 Thrilling Movies For October

31 days in October and 31 horror movies. Halloween is coming up and that means horror, gore, screams, and fear are in the air! I love watching movies and scary movies are one of my favorites. Since October has 31 days, how about you take this list of 31 movies and watch one a day until Halloween. This list has some of my favorite movies. Some are scary and some are cute. Some of gory and some are scary. Whatever, your taste this list has got it. Note: This list is not in any particular order.

  • October 1st: Dawn of the Dead (2004)- Zombies, Zombies, Zombies. A group of survivors try to outwit these walking corpses.
  • October 2nd: The Bad Seed- For all those parents out there who think they have the perfect child… think again. (black and white movie)
  • October 3rd: The Amityville Horror (1978 or 2005)- Reportedly a true story, this movie will have your heart pumping.
  • October 4th: Zombieland- A black comedy. Only a few survivors try to outwit zombies and end up having a great amusement park showdown.
  • October 5th: Poltergeist- I’m not afraid of scary movies, but for some reason, I could not finish this movie.
  • October 6th: Saw- If given the choice- kill to survive, would you do it?
  • October 7th: Paranormal Activity- A couple is haunted by a dark presence. I didn’t find this movie scary, but some might.
  • October 8th: E.T. the Extra- Terrestrial- Take a break from all the darkness for a classic tale of friendship.
  • October 9th: The Witches- One of my favorite movies (and book). A witch wants to turn all the world’s children into mice.
  • October 10th: Carrie- The original is much more chilling than the remake. The end is the best part.
  • October 11th: Misery- Kathy Bates at her best, as a sadistic woman.
  • October 12th: The Silence of the Lambs- A man that is a cannibal and the detective that seeks to capture two serial killers. This movie will have you jumping a few times.
  • October 13th: A Nightmare on Elm Street- My aunt let me watch this movie when I was around 7 years old. I still to this day will not watch it.
  • October 14th: The Exorcist- The best exorcism movie ever!
  • October 15th: Candyman- I watched this movie for the first time last year. It had its moments, but I was expecting more.
  • October 16th: Jaws- Watch out for what is swimming in the water!
  • October 17th: The Shining- Red Rum, Red Rum. Great performances and a freaky hotel.
  • October 18th: The Sixth Sense- If you haven’t seen this movie yet, what are you waiting for?
  • October 19th: Coraline- I love this movie. It is a great movie for kids(over 7) and adults.
  • October 20th: Casper- I think every girl had a crush on Casper. This movie is a children’s comedy mixed with a little sci-fi.
  • October 21st: Monsters Inc- It isn’t a scary movie, but it is great for kids and adults (I heard a sequel is in the works!).
  • October 22nd: Seven- A serial killer basing his murders on the seven deadly sins. Great, Great, movie.
  • October 23rd: Pans Labyrinth- For those who enjoy foreign films, this movie is filled with mystery.
  • October 24th: Alien- A classic sci-fi horror movie about a bloodthirsty alien.
  • October 25th: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown- You can’t go through any holiday month without watching a Charlie Brown classic
  • October 26th: Rec- Another great foreign thriller about a group of individual stuck in a quarantined building. Sound familiar? The movie Quarantine is a remake (not so good remake) of this film.
  • October 27th: The Nightmare Before Christmas- Santa is kidnapped and Jack Skellington wishes to give all the children ghoulish gifts for Christmas.
  • October 28th: Monster House- A creepy house is out to get the neighborhood kids.
  • October 29th: Hocus Pocus- One of my favorite Halloween movies about witches. I wonder if Sarah Jessica Parker tries to forget she did this movie.
  • October 30th: Psycho- What happens when you are stuck a dreary motel with a strange man? (I know this list is not in any particular order, but these last two movies are such classic they have to be watched closer to Halloween.)
  • October 31st: Halloween- What’s Halloween without watching Micheal Myers wreck havoc on his town?

31 movies to watch in 31 days. Love a movie that isn’t on this list? Leave a comment, I would love to watch it.




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Photo Credit: Pedro J. Ferreira

Ask Lisa-Marie: I fear spiders, bees, and snakes

I fear spiders, bees, and snakes – Tena, California

The fear of insects, rodents, and animals is a fear that many possess. Individuals may fear these creatures because of the perceived harm that they can do. Spiders and snakes can range from venomous to non venomous. Bees and other insects can cause pain by stinging an individual. These aspects of these creatures often cause individuals to fear them or cause harm to them.

Even though some spiders, bees, and snakes can cause harm to an individual, it is not something that is preemptive. These creatures often act out on instinct and any harm caused to an individual is done for their own protection. A bee that stings, might have done so because a person disturbed a bee hive. A snake that bites might have done so because a person entered its space. A spider that bites might have done so because its space was disrupted. A common thread is that these creatures only act out on instinct when it believes it is in danger. Another common thread, these creatures act out when humans disturb their space- don’t bother them and they won’t bother you.

When fearing an insect, rodent, or animal, it is important to think of the positive aspects of nature. We are all creatures living on the same planet. We can coincide if given the opportunity. When faced with the fear of spiders, bees, and snakes, think of the positive they bring to the ecosystem. Spiders capture all the pesky insects that enter a home or garden. Snakes eat the rodents before they enter your home or garden. Bees provide honey, pollinate, and aid with agriculture.

We are all apart of the circle of life. Just because an insect or animal is not human, does not mean that they are not worthy of living. Next time you lift your foot to step on a spider. Think of this Haiku:

Look, don’t kill that fly!

It is making a prayer to you

By rubbing its hands and feet.

By: Kobayashi Issa


An urban planning PhD student finding peace in creating a balance between the mind, body, soul, & environment.

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Ask Lisa-Marie: I fear not bringing desired results!

“I fear my goals not bringing the desired results” – Justan, NY

We live in a society where success is measured often by amount of money or fame. Pressure from society, family, peers, and our own doubts often hinder us into believing that our goals are not sufficient or worthy. Self doubt and outside influences often cause us to fear that our goals will not bring in the desired results.

To have a goal means that you have a finish line that you imagine in your mind. To get to your goal you must plan and organize the steps to your goal. If you are specific in your desires and what it will take to achieve the goal, you will gain the confidence needed to bring out results.

What you feel in the inside will translate on the outside. Eradicating the fear and self doubt from your mind is important in order to move forward in using the power of thought to achieve your goals.

After you put in your mind what you would like to achieve it is best to make it concrete.

1. Write it down- by writing down your specific goal, it brings it into actuality
2. Set a date- by choosing a date you are giving yourself a deadline to work towards
3. Plan- by writing a detailed plan of action, you give yourself a blueprint to success.
4. Review- by reviewing your plan every day, you keep the motivation within you
5. Rewrite- by rewriting you plan, you give yourself time to edit as needed

If you are a more visual person, you can create a dream board, using words and images that express your desired goals.

Now that you are organized, you have nothing to fear. You have written down a plan of action and you used the power of thought to put out into the universe your goals. The only thing left to do is remove the fear emotion.

Daily say affirmations to yourself to gain the confidence needed to eradicate the fear and self doubt of not achieving success. It is normal to have some doubt, but be mindful that focusing to much attention to your doubt will allow it to become reality.

You can and will achieve your desired results!




An urban planning PhD student finding peace in creating a balance between the mind, body, soul, & environment.

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