• Help! I’m paralyzed!Offbeat

    Help! I’m Paralyzed! This is a thought that has gone through many individuals mind as they rest in bed. Don’t worry, it isn’t permanent. Sleep paralysis is a natural occurrence in the human body. It serves as a ‘defense’ mechanism,  preventing people from acting out dream images. When a person falls asleep the body temporarily becomes paralyzed. While we […]

  • What do you eat during an oil spill?Sustainability

    The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill or what many call the BP Oil Spill occurred late April 2010.  This disaster has effected everyone and everything; the land, the wildlife, the people. The truth and the details of the damages have appeared to be withheld from the general public. As a resident of the Northeast I can’t […]

  • 8 steps to recording dreamsPersonal Growth

    Dreams have messages that can assist in all aspects of our lives. Take the time out to record and understand dreams and learn from the messages of the subconscious. Through the dream example below, I will show you how to effectively record your dreams in 8 steps. These 8 steps will assist you in recording […]

  • Take the spiritual journey 30 different waysPersonal Growth

    I always have been an avid reader, at every library visit I would pick up three fiction and three nonfiction books. Eventually this habit led me to the new age section of the library. By the age thirteen, I created my first natal chart and from that point on I became interested in a range […]

  • What is mugwort and should you give it a try?Sustainability

    What is Mugwort and should you give it a try? Mugwort is a herb that I stumbled upon while shopping in Whole Foods two years ago. While in the beauty section, I saw a basket filled with these bundles of herbs that were meant to be used like you would incense. As I looked through […]

  • 6 more sleep inducing herbsSustainability

    The following herbs can be used as an herbal sleep remedy. 1. Catnip 2. Jamaica Dogwood 3. Sage 4. Jasmine 5. St. John’s Wort 6. Peppermint   ***Lisa-Marie  An urban planning PhD student finding  peace in creating a balance between the mind, body, soul, & environment. Facebook  – Instagram – Pinterest – Twitter – YouTube   Photo Credit: OneJen