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I have attended several business events, made conversations with many individuals, and exchanged business cards.  After these events, I have made it a habit to personally email individuals I connected with. I thank them for their time, I touch upon something we spoke about, and then I add a closing. This small gesture has connected me with individuals and I have been hired to work on a few projects. I exchange business cards to form a partnership and a network. After I send out the emails, I take the business card information, upload it to an Excel document, and I  add a reminder note of where I met the person. Finally, I take the card and recycle it. Nothing personal, I know time goes into making business cards, but I  have limited physical space and unlimited internet space.

I know everyone has different organizational habits, but what annoys me is when I give someone my business card and instead of interacting, they add me to their mailing list. A lot of people have great newsletters, don’t get me wrong, but to take my business card, add me to a mailing and not interact with me, I feel is poor business etiquette.

Am I wrong to get annoyed at this?  What do you do with your business cards?



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