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Happy 2012 National Small Business Week! A small business owner is someone who manages and organizes a business that has approximately 1-100 employees. We encounter small businesses daily: bookstores, grocery stores, hair and nail salons, farms, franchise restaurants, fitness centers, and even the classic lemonade stand.

National Small Business Week is the perfect time to familiarize yourself with small businesses or perhaps even start your own business.

Utilizing and supporting a small business: stimulates the local economy, creates jobs,  helps the environment, creates a sense of community and fellowship, and promotes entrepreneurial spirit.

Becoming a small business owner encourages an individual to obtain: sales, marketing, finance, and leadership skills. It also encourages an individual to have: confidence, drive, passion, and enthusiasm.

This week and every week support one local business. Instead of shopping at a chain bookstore 15 miles from your home, visit that local bookstore down the block. Instead of purchasing a quilt from a department store, visit that local boutique that sells handmade products.


2012 National Small Business Week

U.S Small Business Administration


Small Business Investor Alliance

Small Business Tax Center

State Resources

SME Toolkit

International Franchise Association

Association of Small Business Development Centers

Business Books


What are some ways you support small businesses?


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