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What are my motives behind creating a passive income stream? I previously thought it was because I like to relax. I like to work hard, then relax and reap the rewards. However, after reading Steve Pavlina’s post on self-discipline and social pressure,  I realized, perhaps subconsciously my motives are different.

A big part of self-discipline comes from social pressure…You will find it much easier to discipline yourself to take action when you might otherwise have stalled if you have a greater social reason to succeed. And with some decent social pressure, you can’t just quit. People won’t let you quit. In your moments of weakness, someone else will give you the needed pep talk. —Steve Pavlina

I enjoy helping others. In everything I do, it is with the underlining motive that someone will learn one thing from me and benefit from my words or actions. On my blog Closed Lids, the reason why I continue to write is to provide individuals with information about wellness, spirituality, dreams, and life in general. On this blog, the reason why I continue to write is to provide individuals with information about business, writing, editing, social media, and event management. It also is a plus that I enjoy learning and writing about these things as well

While reading Pavlina’s blog post, I started to wonder: what were my true motives behind writing my book on Haiti. A few thoughts came to mind:

  1. To finish a project that I started.
  2. To have a book that is popular.
  3. To make money.

After reviewing those thoughts, I realized that those were surface motives. My true motives are: to provide an alternate perspective of Haiti. Many books and articles that I read about Haiti often are negative. When I first started my project a year or so ago, I wanted to write a book that provided individuals a different view of Haiti through my eyes. My book is a positive book because I have only had positive experiences when dealing with Haiti. I want others to experience that positivity.

Last night after talking to a friend about my progress with the book, she stated: “hurry up and finish this book before Haiti is no longer relevant in the world’s eyes.” I laughed. I had this concept for my book before the earthquake and it will continue to be around after all the media attention goes to another country. Haiti will always be relevant in my eyes, in Haitian’s eyes, and those who love Haiti. I am grateful that my friend is so invested in me finishing this book, as are other friends. It is great to have individuals who stand behind you and cheer for your success.

About thirty minutes after reading Pavlina’s article, I received a comment on my first passive income blog post. Jaana from Stream Creator wanted to express her support of my journey and also share with me that she cataloged individuals who are also documenting their journey. Now, not only do I have family and friends supporting me, I also have a virtual group of individuals who are also embarking on the same journey of passive income.

I am extremely excited and motivated and I feel like my mind is racing ahead to many other passive income ideas. I must not get ahead of myself and I need to practice patience. There is a time and place for everything. Right now, my energy is focused on my book.


An urban planning PhD student finding peace in creating a balance between the mind, body, soul, & environment.

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  2. Thanks Charles! I am now following your journey. I am excited to see where you take your ideas.

    • :D, the internet is a marvelous place, one day I thought I was all alone starting this journey. Very excited to find new friends whom share the same passion in taking this route 😀
      I will be checking back often as well.


  3. Hi Lisa,
    I stumbled upon your site while searching for other liked minded friends.
    Let’s work towards our goal and good luck with your book! 😀

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