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Left and right I have been getting support from friends, family, and strangers. It is a wonderful feeling to have encouragement. There was a time when my biggest naysayers were my family and friends. I could see on their faces the disbelief. It was almost like they were thinking “here she goes again!” I used to hate it. I even stopped talking to a few friends and family because I did not want their negativity in my space. Not speaking to a few people opened me up. It was like a weight lifted off of my shoulders. I was able to evaluate my inner thoughts and really focus on my work and on me.

 When other people are doubtful and hesitant, are you usually able to pick up on that? Can you tell when others are committed and when they’re not? People can sense the same in you, whether you realize it or not…If you feel that other people are trying to get you to change, and if this is started to get annoying, take a conscious look at the doubt you’re projecting. People are simply responding to what you’re broadcasting. –Steve Pavlina 

Eventually, I started talking to these naysayers again and it was not because I had forgotten what they said,  it was because I had come to the realization that their negativity was because of fear. Their negativity was partially a reflection of what I was feeling inside. I felt scared. I felt inadequate. My lack of confidence whether it was through my words or body language, seeped over to others.  Now, I feel confident. My business is moving nicely. My ‘writer’s block’ has disappeared. I feel motivated again. Once I started living my worth and truth, doors started opening left and right.

When you do what you love, all the rewards follow. I just hope I am setting myself up to be prepared for when the floodgates open!

So where am I on the book? I spent the last two weeks organizing my images. Last night out of nowhere I had words to write and I wrote about 5 pages front and back in my notebook. This weekend I plan on organizing my storyline.  Previously, I had challenged myself to 20 pages a week, but I need to be realistic with myself. That is not how I write. I would rather spend 5 to 10 hours a week dedicated to my book. I feel more productive that way.  Because I am considering self publishing, I not only have to write, but I have to think of a marketing plan, learn about layouts, and such. So I have been using my time to organize my book, read up on writing memoirs, and also of course write. If in my 5 to 10 hours, I get 50 pages in, great. If I get 5 pages in, but I networked with three bookstores, that is also in my eyes a success!

I also have decided to sign up for Amazon Associates. I am always reviewing and discussing books on my websites. I figured why not put links that will give me a little money. I don’t know how effective it is to be an Amazon affiliate, but I am willing to try.


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