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Dreamscape (1984, PG-13) directed by Joseph Ruben, starring: Dennis Quaid, Kate Capshaw, Max von Sydow, & Christopher Plummer.

Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

Dreamscape is a movie that dabbles with the idea of psychics being able to project into an individuals dream with the help of machines managed by researchers. The researchers decide to use this government funded project to assist those who have nightmares. The idea behind the machines is that psychics would be able to guide the nightmare into a pleasant realm. This concept works, but of course, what would a movie be without the antagonist? A corrupt government official decides to team up with a rogue psychic to infiltrate the President’s nightmares and kill him. With the help of the good psychic, the President is saved from demise.

This was a fun and enjoyable 80s flick.

Though this movie may seem far-fetched, it kind of reminded me of the 1950s MKultra Projects. In the movie the project was funded for pure advancement of science, but corrupt government officials wanted to use the project as a form of assassination; something that could be used on political leaders.

Though this movie was pure sci-fi, makes you wonder… is it really fiction?

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