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January was a great month on this blog! If you remember in my year end review of the blog, I listed some goals and I am happy that I am making my way toward completing some of my goals.

Some numbers (January 1 to January 31, 2014):

Page views: 721

Unique page views: 574

Visits: 392

Unique visitors: 325

Average site duration:  2 minutes

Average time page: 2 minutes and 22 seconds

New email subscribers: 3

Number of blog posts: 7

Number of comments: 3

Guest blogger: 1

In case you missed it, here are the blog posts for January:

My thoughts

When I decided to start up this new blog, I knew it was a risk in terms of losing readership, but it was a move I needed to make. I am extremely pleased to see that after seven months, I am improving my numbers. Compared to the previous month, I have increased my unique visitors by 139  and increased unique page views by 204. I hope I can continue this upward trend and reach all my goals for 2014.

One thing that is interesting when I look at my blog numbers,  I’ve noticed people are more interactive with me on my social media sites. People come to the blog and read posts or maybe they are an email subscriber, but that is it, they do not interact. However, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, even Google+ and YouTube, I get a lot of comments, shares, likes, and follows. I would like to eventually cut back on social media and spend majority of my time using my blog as the primary means of interaction, but based on my current numbers that would not be a good idea. I would need to get to the same level of interaction as my social media sites or surpass that level in order to make the switch.

Things to improve

Ever since I relaunched this blog, I have found myself comparing this blog to other blogs. I tend to look at other people’s websites and social media accounts and wonder what I am doing wrong in terms of number of comments, interactions, etc. It is important to just keep on working on rebuilding this blog and making it the best for me, not others. Each person has their unique tone and perspective and that is important to remember.


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