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Last week, I told you to throw away all your cosmetics and make your own products! Last week I made my own body butter and chapstick with my younger sister and her friend. In our excitement and attempt not to have the oils solidify, we didn’t take many photos. Next time when I make ointment and macerated oil, I will do my best to take more photos.


Mango and Lime Body Butter
Base instructions were obtained from A Green Guide to Natural Beauty by Karen Gilbert . We made variations based on the flavors we wanted.



10g beeswax (or jojoba wax)
25g cocoa butter
30g shea butter
25g mango butter
1 teaspoon almond oil
1 teaspoon vitamin E
10 drops lime essential oil
5 drops sweet orange essential oil
5 drops lemon essential oil
(optional- One batch I made with 12.5g of mango butter and 12.5g of coconut oil. Note: This changed the texture of the balm)


Double boiler (or make your own with two pots)
Metal spoon
Measuring spoons
Digital Scale
Glass Jug

Airtight 3 1/2 fl oz jar

Step 1:
Melt the beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, and mango butter (coconut oil if you decide to use it) in the double boiler. If you have time you can let the mixture sit over a gentle heat for 20 minutes. This helps prevent the butter from going grainy when it cools. I waited 10 minutes and got impatient.
Step 2:
Add almond oil and vitamin E. Stir.
Step 3:
Remove oil from heat and pour into the glass jug (or you can keep it in the double boiler). Add the essential oils and sir thoroughly.
Step 4:
Pour the mixture into the jar and leave to set.
Step 5:
Apply to body(after it cools of course). Enjoy the moisturizing effects and lovely smell of an all natural product!


I got my equipment and ingredients from various places:
Harlem Fragrance Store


In July, I will take a stab at making my own arthritis/joint pain massage oil and acne/spot cream.
Do you make your own cosmetics?



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Photo Credit: Lisa-Marie Pierre

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