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Last year, I ventured into making my own cleaning products. My staples were baking soda, castille soap, vinegar, and essential oil. These simple ingredients made a difference in cleaning, plus it was an added bonus that they were natural. However, I got complaints about the smell of the vinegar. Vinegar doesn’t smell when it dries, but during the cleaning process, there were plenty of eye rolls and smart comments ;). So,  I stopped using the vinegar solution and started using Greenworks.

Greenworks gets the job done, but it still is a chemically made product by the Clorox company. I’m tired of cleaning the bathroom or kitchen and it smelling like a science lab. So I decided to go back to natural products.

I used Google and Pinterest to figure out a method that wouldn’t smell like vinegar. The option I chose was using orange peels in vinegar. I haven’t used the solution yet because it is still ‘marinating’, but I am exciting to use it in two weeks. The steps are very simple.


  • Orange peels (I think I used about 4 small oranges. I lost count after eating so many 🙂 )
  • Empty spray bottle (I used an empty Greenworks bottle)
  • Large jar
  • Vinegar  


  1. Eat the oranges
  2. Add orange peels to empty jar
  3. Fill empty jar with vinegar
  4. Store for two weeks
  5. After two weeks strain the solution from the jar into an empty spray bottle
  6. Spray and use as an all purpose cleaner!

Note: I didn’t have any large jars, so I just used the spray bottle. I also plan on added essential oil. I will play around with scents, but I like clove, lemon, or lime. If I had other fruits or herbs, I would think of adding grapefruit or rosemary. 

Do you make your own cleaning solutions? Comment and share your experience!


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