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Help! I’m Paralyzed! This is a thought that has gone through many individuals mind as they rest in bed. Don’t worry, it isn’t permanent.

Sleep paralysis is a natural occurrence in the human body. It serves as a ‘defense’ mechanism,  preventing people from acting out dream images. When a person falls asleep the body temporarily becomes paralyzed. While we are sleeping, we are unaware that this is occurring. However, there are moments when the brain awakens before the body and the person becomes aware; this is when people start thinking Help! I’m Paralyzed. During this moment that may last seconds or several minutes, the individual is frightened, many thoughts run through the mind,anxiety occurs- all of this is normal. If this happens to you the best thing to do is try to stay calm. In this state of paralysis, you can actually do a few cool things. If you are novice, this will sound impossible and silly to do;  however, for veteran sleepers, sleep paralysis can be a precursor to  lucid dreaming.

Next time you think Help! I’m Paralyzed, instead of panicking, stay calm, and try exploring the many interesting things you can do while in this state.




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