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I’m glad to introduce Abby Ferri as the guest blogger for today. Abby and I have corresponded virtually for awhile now on Twitter and on each other’s blogs because we both are into natural living and health.  When she wrote a blog post on how she saved money using coupons, I knew I had to invite her over here to share her tips.

Enjoy her couponing tips and leave a comment about your coupon strategies!

By now it seems that most of us are familiar with “couponing” as a verb through shows like Extreme Couponing or even Kourtney Kardashian’s attempts chronicled on Keeping Up With the Kardashians a few seasons ago. I’m not going to lie; it was the latter that gave me the final push to get out the scissors!!

Couponing has become so easy with apps like Target’s Cartwheel, Ibotta, Shopkick, and sites like and Most sites allow you to login using your Facebook or Google+ profile, so you don’t need to worry about remembering yet another username and password.

As I alluded to earlier, I started couponing because I saw a Kardashian do it. Call me superficial, but prior to that, I felt that using a handful of coupons at checkout made you look poor and that wasn’t a look I was going for. After having my first child, a lot of appearance concerns have gone completely out the window! Becoming financially responsible, saving money, and still buying high quality food are my priorities.

As a Target devotee, the Target cliché became true for me – every Target shopping excursion resulted in my wallet being at least $100 lighter. Last summer, as I scoured the aisles of my local Target for a specific item, a sales clerk suggested I download the Target Cartwheel app to save some money. I downloaded it right away via the in-store WiFi and was hooked.

The Carthwheel app was a gateway for me. I applied for a Target RedCard to get an extra 5% off of every purchase, which includes alcohol for those of us in areas where Target can serve the “good stuff.”

In each Target shopping trip since that first download, I have spent less than $100. This completely blows me away. There was even a day where I saved nearly $50!!!

Here’s my Target savings strategy:

  1. CARTWHEEL:  Scroll through the Cartwheel app to find out what is on sale. I sort the items on the app by “highest discount” to see the heavy hitters. Cartwheel then becomes my shopping list I refer to while in the store.
  2. WEEKLY AD:  I view the ad through the Target app on my phone, I look for two things:                                                                                                                                                             a.  Items on sale that week that are also on discount through Cartwheel or have a Target Mobile Coupon    available.                                                                                                  b.  Items that have a Target gift card deal associated with them and are also on discount through Cartwheel.
  3. MOBILE COUPONS:  I view these through the Target app too. Often, the coupons match with items discounted through Cartwheel. 
  4. TARGET.COM COUPONS: You must install their Catalina Coupon Printer, but it’s quick and worth it.
  5. MANUFACTURER COUPONS:  I then check online coupon sites for manufacturer coupons for the items on my Cartwheel list or that have Target gift card deals. A great site to start your search is, she lists a lot of combination deals for you so you don’t have to search. Other sites I use are,, and I also keep up with brands that I buy often like Coffeemate Creamer; they always have a coupon you can download for their products.
  6. CATALINA COUPONS:  When you’re in the store, look for manufacturer’s coupons attached to the packaging. I find these often on paper products like toilet paper and recently scored BIG on some Gevalia coffee with a $2 off coupon attached to the package, 10% off on Cartwheel, a coupon, plus 5% off with RedCard. DO NOT be ashamed to pick through the stock on the shelf to find the items with coupons attached!!

The day I saved $50, I employed all of these strategies to get a great deal on diapers, toilet paper, and paper towels. This was huge for me as it was in October and I was already anticipating my holiday season visitors. The supplies I bought carried me through the holidays!

 I saved BIG on diapers that day.

  • I had a high value coupon from Pampers for $5 off any size box of Swaddlers.
  • Target was running a gift card deal – buy 2 boxes and get a $15 Target gift card. Pampers were also 5% off through Cartwheel, plus my 5% off with my RedCard.
  • There was a similar deal on toilet paper and paper towels – buy 3 of any combination and get a $5 Target gift card, a manufacturer’s $1 off Catalina coupon, 5% off on Cartwheel, plus my RedCard’s 5% off.

Using these strategies, I regularly save at least $20 per Target visit. Once you master the flow of using these strategies, it feels natural, and you’ll feel great about how much money you are saving.


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Abby Ferri is an independent safety and health expert, technical writer, social media enthusiast, and aspiring renaissance woman. She is a work-at-home mom who is able to maintain her foothold in the industry that has given her so much. As an independent safety and health expert, she is able to provide expertise that only one who has literally been in the trenches can impart. Abby is able to indulge her many varied passions to further her path to truly becoming a modern-day renaissance woman!




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