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Good and Bad Days of the Moon for Dreams Occurring from the 1st to 31st of each Month

1.   Will be good
2.   Will not come true
3.   Will have no effect
4.   Will be very good
5.   Will not enjoy good things
6.   Don’t reveal dream to others
7.   Everything will come as you wish
8.   Beware of enemies
9.   Will have what is desired this day
10.   Will come through with happiness
11.   Will see the effect in four days
12.   Will have adversity
13.   Your dream will come true
14.   Long time before happiness comes
15.   Dream will come true in thirty days
16.   Your wish will bring good results
17.   Keep the dream secret for thirty days
18.   Don’t trust your friends
19.   Will be very happy in your affairs.
20.   Dream will come true after four days
21.   Don’t have confidence in anyone
22.   Your desire will be accomplished
23.   Dream will be explained in three days
24.   Will have much happiness
25.   Dream will come true after nine days
26.   Will receive much unexpected help
27.   Will receive good news
28.   Your wish will come true
29.   Will receive plenty of money
30.    Will receive good news in the morning
31.    Will receive sad news

This chart I thought was interesting, I found it in a book that my grandfather once owned. Unfortunately, the origins of this book is a mystery. The book has no cover, no author, and lots of interesting information. I have been searching for possible references, but no luck. I am assuming the book was written between 1940 and 1965.



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