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In honor of #LibraryCardSignUp month, #eBookLove day, and #FridayReads, today I share some book and money saving tips.


The other day, I was on the phone with a friend. She mentioned how she needed to start saving money, in almost the same breath, she mentioned how she was about to order at $9.99 book on Amazon. If she could have seen my face, she would have known I was giving her the side eye.


I told her “I’m always on my soapbox advocating for the library and you want to tell me you are buying a 10 dollar book! You must not ever listen to me!” After we laughed, we discussed possible ways she could save money by seeing if her library offered that book either in print or digitally.


So a friendly reminder:


If you prefer print books, the library has it… for free.

If you prefer digital books, the library has it… for free.

If you prefer print or digital magazines, the library has it… for free.

If you prefer audiobooks, yup, the library has that too… for free.


There are many services that the library offers beyond books, so I encourage you to browse your library website and see what services you could use. Sign up for a library card, you won’t be disappointed!


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