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I’ll be honest. Whenever there are discussions about race and justice, I really don’t know what to say other than “why is this happening?”  Sometimes, I might even say “this is unfair,” but I never have anything to backup why I think things are unfair. Most of the time, I just silently observe and take in what other people are saying or writing.

If you are like me and need a place to start, perhaps the links below can help you in understanding the complex topic of race and justice.

The Public Archive has a “summer list of recent books engaged with both the predicament of Black city life and the history and practice of pan-African protest.”

On City Lab, “a group of professors have created the #Charlestonsyllabus to illustrate the histories of faith, race, and violence that collided in a mass murder.”

On City Lab, a group of Harvard students in response to lack of classroom discussions on justice, created a syllabus for a course that would consider race and justice.

Sociologists for Justice, created a syllabus for “understanding the multiplicity of factors that contribute to the criminalization and marginalization of black and brown communities.”

If you have any other resources, please share in the comments!


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