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On Facebook I often post pictures of all the groceries I purchase that are inexpensive.  My cousin suggested that I post tips on how I am able to get such great deals. So I decided to comply. Once a week I will post food on a budget tips.

Find below tip #1:


Food on a Budget Tip #1: Step out of your comfort zone. Today I stepped out of my comfort zone and as a result I spent $20, saving about $10 off of my grocery purchase!
I don’t like to buy frozen foods. I like to eat fresh food or make fresh food and freeze it myself. Sprouts Farmers Market had a deal I couldn’t resist: 20% off any frozen item that could fit in a paper grocery bag!

I gave myself extra bonus points for the compostable bag that will be added to my compost hole!


I’ve already brainstormed 18 ways I have saved money on food, but feel free to send me some suggestions and ideas.



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