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Found this great piece on fake spiritual teachers vs true spiritual teachers. Enjoy!
For a long time I’ve noticed there are alot of psychological manipulators who claim to be spiritual teachers….  They know how to build rapport, how to anchor certain emotions in you…and more…so beware…and use your own intuition to weed out the fakes from the reals….

  • A true teacher will never claim to be a teacher…..
  •  A true teacher is not looking for followers….
  • A true teacher will encourage you to find your own path instead of following the herd or him/her….
  • A true teacher just IS…. A true teacher does not boast overly.
  • A true teacher considers himself/herself a normal average person just like everybody else…. Not being higher because of the knowledge or experience possessed..
  • A true teacher is a student who learns from everyone (the ignorant and the enlightened)
  • A true teacher is very humble… but not a pushover…
  • A true teacher is a powerful listener and master observer….
  • A true teacher is not afraid to shock others….and does not care what others think about him/her..
  • A true teacher is not jealous of others…
  • A true teacher will speak their truth with no remorse (sometimes comes across as being unloving but it is far from so)…

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