I realized that I forgot the most important thing about Facebook privacy.

Did you know that anyone who can see your photos can download them? That means that photo you took with your child in the bathtub that you thought was super cute; anyone can download that. That photo you took of you partaking in underage drinking; anyone can download that. That photo you took of you and your partner on your honeymoon; anyone can download that.

You get the point. Well, most of you don’t. Because if you did, some of the photos uploaded would not be online. I’m not saying don’t share photos ever, but be mindful that everyone on your friends list, may not have your best interests in mind. Also, if you didn’t heed the advice of the previous privacy posts, your settings might allow people who are not your friends on Facebook to have the ability to download your photos. social media privacy 2

People can download photos by:

  • Clicking  ‘options’ under the photo and clicking ‘download’
  • Taking a screenshot of the photo
  • On the mobile phone clicking ‘save photo’
  • Right clicking and pressing ‘save photo’

Using social media is all about judgement. Like I said in the previous posts, does it really matter? NSA and corporations are collecting our data anyway, so why not just do what we want online. But not everyone feels that way and hopefully these tips have helped you be more mindful about how you move online.

Your thoughts? Do you posts photos online?



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Photo Credit: Lisa-Marie Pierre; Kurtis Garbutt

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