Do Holograms Have a Future in Business?Entrepreneurship

I am sure by now you heard Tupac is alive!  Okay, Not really alive, but in hologram spirit. Check out his performance at Coachella.

I didn’t know what to say about this performance; cool, creepy, calculated? Was this a calculated marketing ploy? Did someone decide to reveal this technology on a grand scale to prepare us for the possible future?

I saw holographic technology used first on CNN with Will I Am, but it was used in an interview method, but I never had see it used in a concert. What does this mean for the future of concerts and business? Could revenue be made from companies that use holograms in concerts, business meetings, presidential elections? The possibilities are endless.

Imagine- Your favorite artist is performing in London, but for a reduced price (or full price) you can go to a smaller scale concert in your hometown. The full concert experience, except, your favorite artist isn’t there. Would you pay? Would you go? Imagine a presidential debate with holograms of all the candidates; would you attend a ‘live’ debate in your Village Hall? What about a Michael Jackson posthumorous concert? What about overflow rooms at business conferences and graduations?

The thought of holograms taking place of individuals or being used simultaneously excites me, yet frightens me. The Back to the Future sci-fi fantasy is coming true.

What do you think? Is this a onetime deal or is a there a future in holograms and business?



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