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This woman has been sitting on campus all week holding this sign, holding the bible and preaching about why people passing by deserve hell, or holding a sign up about “homos” (her words, not mine).

This woman caught my attention because I just read a NY Times article on how conservative religious and political views are moving millennials to disaffiliate themselves with religious groups and which could subsequently have them disaffiliate themselves with political parties.

I’m curious to what extent have these type of views swayed your political or religious beliefs? Are you more likely to vote so that you have representatives that are more in line with your beliefs.

And because I like business, I’ll add, what does this mean for the business of religion. How are these type of “you deserve hell” marketing tactics beneficial or not beneficial for the business of religion.

I shared this on my Facebook page and thought I would post it on the blog. The comments were interesting, so I wanted to know my broader audiences thoughts. Feel free to post in the comment section or follow me on Facebook or Twitter. I often post things there that don’t make the blog.


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Photo Credit: Lisa-Marie Pierre

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