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  • Don’t throw away Mother’s Day flowersSustainability

    Stop! Before you toss your Mother’s Day flowers or any bouquet of flowers into the garbage can, get crafty and reuse them.  Creating potpourri is easy, simple, and has many variations. I have made potpourri from scratch using items in my home.  Potpourri makes a great gift or decoration/air freshener for a home.   Basic […]

  • 15 must read books while detoxingSustainability

    Detoxing is not only for the body, but it is also for the mind and soul. While cleansing your body, it is also ideal to surround yourself with positive thoughts. For the past 20 days I have tried to read, listen, and watch positive things. I have been listening to Esther and Jerry Hicks tapes and I […]

  • Corn syrup basicsSustainability

    Is corn syrup the same as corn sugar? Is it addictive? These questions and many more are answered on my podcast. I am excited to share this podcast, bloopers and all because I got over a fear! I have been redoing and rescheduling this interview because I wanted perfection. I have shied away from video/audio […]

  • 9 step weekly facial regimenSustainability

    My face feels great! Every week I do a facial steam/mask I skipped the last two weeks and I just did one today and I just am in love with the softness of my skin. The other day someone asked me to go into details about my weekly facial regimen… so here it is! Lisa’s […]

  • Fight Cancer with foodSustainability

    October is Women’s Health Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here is a list of anti-cancer foods Raw Almonds Cantaloupe Dates Lemons Peppers Avocados Carrots Flaxseed Lettuce Sweet Potatoes Beet Greens Cauliflower Garlic Lima Bean Quinoa Beets Celery Grapefruit Limes Radishes Blueberries Sour Cherries Green Beans Mushrooms Rhubarb Broccoli Chestnuts Green Peas Mustard Greens Raw […]

  • Herbal preparations: Alcohol basedSustainability

    Alcohol is the best base to use for drawing out the active ingredient in herbs. Alcohol Based Tinctures Tinctures are alcohol based herbal remedies that last for several years if stored properly. Depending on the remedy the herb used for a tincture will vary. Tinctures can be taken on an empty stomach before meals. Adults […]