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  • Amethyst: Powerful and spiritualOffbeat

    Amethyst, a purple/lavender stone, is one of the most spiritual and common crystal one can obtain. Attributes Amethyst is a powerful and highly spiritual crystal. Its protective properties can guard against psychic attacks, block stress, and aid in overcoming addictions. An individual who lacks focus would benefit from owning an Amethyst crystal. This calming crystal helps individuals focus, enhances new […]

  • 31 Thrilling Movies For OctoberOffbeat

    31 days in October and 31 horror movies. Halloween is coming up and that means horror, gore, screams, and fear are in the air! I love watching movies and scary movies are one of my favorites. Since October has 31 days, how about you take this list of 31 movies and watch one a day […]

  • Ask Lisa-Marie: I fear spiders, bees, and snakesOffbeat

    I fear spiders, bees, and snakes – Tena, California The fear of insects, rodents, and animals is a fear that many possess. Individuals may fear these creatures because of the perceived harm that they can do. Spiders and snakes can range from venomous to non venomous. Bees and other insects can cause pain by stinging an individual. These aspects of […]

  • Make your own herbal capsulesOffbeat

    Stop spending money at GNC and make your own herbal capsules! In past posts, I spoke about herbs that can aid in dream recall and inducing sleep: Sleep Inducing Herbs Mugwort More Sleep Inducing Herbs If you could make your own herbal capsules and save a ton of money, would you? Mountain Rose Herbs, is […]

  • Help! I’m paralyzed!Offbeat

    Help! I’m Paralyzed! This is a thought that has gone through many individuals mind as they rest in bed. Don’t worry, it isn’t permanent. Sleep paralysis is a natural occurrence in the human body. It serves as a ‘defense’ mechanism,  preventing people from acting out dream images. When a person falls asleep the body temporarily becomes paralyzed. While we […]

  • What do you eat during an oil spill?Offbeat

    The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill or what many call the BP Oil Spill occurred late April 2010.  This disaster has effected everyone and everything; the land, the wildlife, the people. The truth and the details of the damages have appeared to be withheld from the general public. As a resident of the Northeast I can’t […]