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#ThrowbackThursday: Movie Review: ‘But Not For Me’

About four years ago, I met Jason Stefaniak while volunteering and we stayed in touch over the years. Jason has been a huge supporter of my writings, and I a huge supporter of his filmmaking. Two years ago, I interviewed Jason about his filmmaking process  and the crowdfunding campaign he was running for his film, ‘But […]

  • #FridayReads: The number one way to get free booksOffbeat

    In honor of #LibraryCardSignUp month, #eBookLove day, and #FridayReads, today I share some book and money saving tips.   The other day, I was on the phone with a friend. She mentioned how she needed to start saving money, in almost the same breath, she mentioned how she was about to order at $9.99 book […]

  • You deserve HellOffbeat

    This woman has been sitting on campus all week holding this sign, holding the bible and preaching about why people passing by deserve hell, or holding a sign up about “homos” (her words, not mine). This woman caught my attention because I just read a NY Times article on how conservative religious and political views are moving […]

  • Sacred Heart Academy: If you build it, she will run 5k 9/28Offbeat

    I remember 11 years ago as  junior at Sacred Heart Academy reading a Newsday article that stated: ” The Spartans were surprise winners a year ago, emerging from the shadows to prove that a tiny, all-girls parochial school without so much as a track oval could turn out such gifted runners.” Sacred Heart consistently has had a […]

  • Someday is today: Support the Leukemia & Lymphoma SocietyOffbeat

    Losing our mother to Leukemia was emotional and confusing. I didn’t know much about the disease, but knew it was one that I hoped would someday have a cure.My sister is fundraising for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and needs your help! If you would like to donate to this great cause,  click the link […]

  • Help under-served girls obtain a STEM degreeOffbeat

    Supporting your community comes in various forms. Depending on my time and finances, I often volunteer or donate to various organizations that I feel are making an impact. If I cannot financially support an organization, I use my blog and social media as a platform to spread the word about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. […]