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  • My 10 seconds of video fame#LofiLisa

    In March, Hofstra University held a sustainability conference that I helped coordinate. Coordinating the Hofstra Sustainability conference, presenting papers, and serving as a moderator was an amazing experience that will prepare me for the future! You can see me throughout this video, but my 10 seconds of fame come around 2 minutes, 25 seconds.   ***Lisa-Marie  […]

  • You can struggle in school and still come out on top!#LofiLisa

    My first semester of college I had a 2.81. It’s embarrassing to share this, but I enjoy writing my personal stories in hopes someone will learn from my successes and failures. I struggled my freshman and sophomore years of college. Getting as low as a 2.67 my first semester of sophomore year. It wasn’t that […]

  • Mom- An enigma wrapped in emotion#LofiLisa

    I am forever spring cleaning. That is what I do best. I am always cleaning my room and attempting to reorganize my belongings. By sheer serendipity, while sifting through all my papers, I found an old newspaper clipping that fell in line with Mother’s Day.   Having lost my mother at a young age, Mother’s […]

  • Biking and the law of attraction#LofiLisa

    Every now and then the Universe reminds me that the Law of Attraction is real and works. These reminders often come when I am feeling low or losing faith. In April, a family member was in a car accident while driving my car. To this day, I am not upset that my car was a […]

  • 2012: My blog, a year in review#LofiLisa

    In 2012, I played around with how I wanted to continue as an academic and business consultant. I finally came up with the following mission, vision, and goals: Mission: To build client satisfaction through quality work. Vision: Commitment and dedication to: creativity, client satisfaction, innovation, leadership, professionalism, and quality work is what delivers success for […]

  • 2012: My 7 favorite events#LofiLisa

    2012 was a great year. I began my work as a research associate at Hofstra University, wrote many blog posts, attended local events, and coordinated a few successful events. To close off the year on the blog, I wanted to share a post on the top 7 event happenings I attended and I also will […]