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Saying goodbye to a faithful fan of my blog

When I started blogging way back in 2009 , my only readers were my friends and family. They all showed support by reading and commenting, but one of the biggest fans of my writing was my grandmother, Liliane (Gramma). Gramma read every blog post and would often forward my posts to my family members. For […]

  • A memory: The last time I saw my mother#LofiLisa

    Today is Mother’s Day, and I wanted to take the time out to share an excerpt from my book. I polled my beta readers and the following story is not the one that won the most votes, but it was the one that my heart said to share with you. Let me know your thoughts, […]

  • March: My blog’s month end review#LofiLisa

    March was an amazing month and  getting closer to meeting my 2014 blog goals! Some numbers (March 1 to March 31, 2014): Page views:  1,075 Unique page views: 965 Visits: 816 Unique visitors: 730 Average site duration:  48 seconds Average time page: 2 minutes and 33 seconds New email subscribers:  1 Number of blog posts:  8 Number […]

  • BIG changes to my website!#LofiLisa

    Okay, I got your attention. As you know my goal this year was to rebuild the traffic and interaction on this website. To do this, I need to try out new things, such as changing up the style of writing, topics, frequency of posts, and layout of the website. Because of this new direction, I […]

  • February: My blog’s month end review#LofiLisa

    February was another great month for this blog. I am slowly, but surely getting closer to meeting my 2014 blog goals. Some numbers (February 1 to February 28, 2014): Page views:  699 Unique page views: 612 Visits: 457 Unique visitors: 386 Average site duration:  1 minute and 18 seconds Average time page: 2 minutes and 28 […]

  • 5 years of blogging and I only have 5 regrets#LofiLisa

    Five years of blogging! Where has the time gone? After five years of trial and error, I have only five blogging regrets. As mentioned in my previous post, I will share experiences I have had as a blogger and the lessons I learned. I forgot that it was my five year anniversary, so I do […]