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  • The five most important questionsEntrepreneurship

    What are the five most important questions that a business, non-profit, or any other type of organization should ask? I currently am reading the Five Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask About Your Organization, by Peter F. Drucker written in collaboration with: Jim Collins, Phil Kotler, Jim Kouzes, Judith Rodin, and V. Kasturi Rangan. […]

  • Passive Income Journey: BrandingEntrepreneurship

    Branding is like being marked cattle. Companies allocate money to create strategies, systems, and plans that will make a lasting impression on potential or current consumers. Business owners have been led to believe that in order to succeed, they must develop a name, logo, tagline, color, etc that will create an awareness in a target […]

  • The Shameful PlugEntrepreneurship

    I have a problem. I cannot shamelessly plug my accomplishments and business. In fact I shy away from talking about my skills, talents, accomplishments, etc. It’s like pulling teeth for me to discuss what I do. Humble right? Wrong. If I am to expand and grow my business, I have to let people know it […]

  • Passive Income Journey: DonationsEntrepreneurship

    Accepting donations can be a form of passive income. It might not get you tons of money, but if you are someone like Steve Pavlina and provide quality free information, someone might feel the need to donate money. I am not against donations, but I never have felt comfortable asking people for money; though ironically […]

  • Are You a Leader If You Express Self-Doubt?Entrepreneurship

    Are you a leader if you express self-doubt? A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post praising my mastermind group. I had no idea a week later I would be so irritated with my group that I would want to end meetings. A couple of weeks ago, we had our June meeting and after […]

  • My Passive Income Journey: Monetizing Fame.Entrepreneurship

    The other day someone approached me and said “hmm, I think I am following you on Twitter or Facebook!” We then proceeded to discuss our businesses and exchange business cards. I write and blog, because I want people to learn and improve their lives, but I won’t lie, it felt good to have someone recognize […]