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Every now and then the Universe reminds me that the Law of Attraction is real and works. These reminders often come when I am feeling low or losing faith. In April, a family member was in a car accident while driving my car. To this day, I am not upset that my car was a total loss; rather, I am relieved that my family member was safe and escaped any injuries. That day, I was reminded that life can be taken at any moment and of the importance of telling those you love that you appreciate and care for them.

The car accident happened a week before I was scheduled to drive to Atlanta and New Orleans. It seemed like nothing about the trip was going according to planned and the car accident was the Universes way of saying “stay in New York!” After that exclamation point of an example, I started to pay attention.

Prior to the accident, I had been stressing over the increasing prices of gas and other car related expenses; I had made the decision that I was going to attempt to spend the summer walking to places that were less than 4 miles away from my home. Every week I would visit my public library, which is located about 1 mile away from my home and each time I would drive. I started to notice that there were several places that I drove to, that I could easily walk or bike. After the accident, I felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulder. I was given an incentive to walk to different locations; I was dropping weight, getting in shape, and saving money.

Though walking was a relaxing task, it was time consuming. I started to put out to the Universe that I needed an affordable bicycle so I could travel longer distances in less time.

One day after exiting the train station, I stood contemplating which route I was going to take to get home and I looked up and saw a sign advertising free bike giveaways. I couldn’t believe that a week after stating I needed a bicycle, I saw an advertisement, not for just any old bike, but a free one. A high school Girl Scout was collecting donated bikes and giving them away for free as part of her summer volunteer project.

It took me a month to actually get my bike because one was needed to be found that matched my height and activity style, but in June, I received my bike. The bike was quirky and not my normal style, as I rode mountain bikes, but by the time I rode the bike 3 miles back to my home, I was in love. The bike was brown, had a bell and a carrying case in the back; it just screamed character and eccentric.

Every time I ride that bike, I am reminded of how the Universe works in mysterious ways. I was able to use the Law of Attraction to obtain a bike for free. I put out a thought, kept positive emotions, and let the Universe do the rest of the work.

In what ways have you used the Law of Attraction to get what you needed?



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