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  • Advertiser WoesEntrepreneurship

    “I have a quality product, but no sales!” Have you ever had this thought? I have and so have many of my clients. When I first started my wellness company,  I was confident that during the launch weekend I would make over $1000 dollars. Imagine my dismay when I had plenty of site visits, but […]

  • Should Libraries Stay Open?Education

    When was the last time you checked out a book from the library? Individuals debate that the age of the library/books is drawing to an end and the technology age is taking over. These individuals might not have entered a library in several years. My public library has been innovative and versatile in its quest […]

  • 25 Things to Say to an InterviewerEducation

    Today I listened to an audiobook called 25 Things to Say to an Interviewer by Dexter Hawk, narrated by Llyod James and thought I would share the list. 1. I don’t guess or assume anything 2. I’m ready for problems before my boss and they are staring in my face 3. I stand up and […]

  • Creating a Basic Business PlanEntrepreneurship

    The life of an entrepreneur is exciting, busy and at times, stressful. The emotions felt when starting a business can be diminished if a plan is devised. A business plan is needed for potential investors and your own records. A business plan varies depending on the company type. The business plan template is forever changing, […]

  • Finding SourcesEducation

    When given the task to write a research paper, it is easy to quickly do a Google or Wikipedia search. However, do not be surprised if your professor tells you that Wikipedia is not a credible source.   Wikipedia is a website that allows multiple users to edit and create a profile on any given […]

  • Don’t Plagiarize! Learn How To DocumentEducation

    As a college student, I had great pride in my ability to document. Imagine my surprise when my history professor gave me a B on a paper and stated that I could not cite myself! I was shocked! Earlier in that month, I served as a panelist at a conference and my presentation correlated to […]