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  • Dream journaling 101Offbeat

    Dreamers often ask me for tips on how to recall their dreams. More or else, I give the same responses. My top response is to get a dream journal and to record dreams as often as possible. I have come to realize that the issue may be that, individuals do not know where to start. Dream Journaling 101 Recording […]

  • Ask Lisa-Marie: Why do we sleep?Offbeat

    Dear L.Marie: Why do we sleep?  -D, NY ~ Thank you D, for submitting a question: The act of sleeping is a state in which temporarily activity ceases to occur in the human body. Our natural circadian rhythm runs on a 25 hour cycle. It is during this cycle that drowsiness sets in approximately every 12 […]

  • Charkra meditation guideOffbeat

    If possible have a relaxing sounds playing in the background. 1. Lay in a comfortable position. Breathe in and out. 2. Envision a white light above head 3. Envision white light traveling down body – relaxing your:  forehead  eyes neck shoulders arms fingers heart hip thighs shins toes 4. Starting at the root chakra (1st chakra) located at the base of […]

  • Movie review: InkOffbeat

    Ink (2009, NR) directed by Jamin Winans, starring: Quinn Hunchar, Chris Kelly, & Jessica Duffy. Ink is a movie that viewers will either love or hate, not too many will be in between. Ink is a movie about a young girl whose soul was stolen while dreaming, by a lost soul called Ink. Ink needs the young […]

  • Movie review: DreamscapeOffbeat

    Dreamscape (1984, PG-13) directed by Joseph Ruben, starring: Dennis Quaid, Kate Capshaw, Max von Sydow, & Christopher Plummer. Dreamscape is a movie that dabbles with the idea of psychics being able to project into an individuals dream with the help of machines managed by researchers. The researchers decide to use this government funded project to assist those […]

  • 2012: My blog, a year in reviewPersonal Development

    In 2012, I played around with how I wanted to continue as an academic and business consultant. I finally came up with the following mission, vision, and goals: Mission: To build client satisfaction through quality work. Vision: Commitment and dedication to: creativity, client satisfaction, innovation, leadership, professionalism, and quality work is what delivers success for […]