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I fear spiders, bees, and snakes – Tena, California

The fear of insects, rodents, and animals is a fear that many possess. Individuals may fear these creatures because of the perceived harm that they can do. Spiders and snakes can range from venomous to non venomous. Bees and other insects can cause pain by stinging an individual. These aspects of these creatures often cause individuals to fear them or cause harm to them.

Even though some spiders, bees, and snakes can cause harm to an individual, it is not something that is preemptive. These creatures often act out on instinct and any harm caused to an individual is done for their own protection. A bee that stings, might have done so because a person disturbed a bee hive. A snake that bites might have done so because a person entered its space. A spider that bites might have done so because its space was disrupted. A common thread is that these creatures only act out on instinct when it believes it is in danger. Another common thread, these creatures act out when humans disturb their space- don’t bother them and they won’t bother you.

When fearing an insect, rodent, or animal, it is important to think of the positive aspects of nature. We are all creatures living on the same planet. We can coincide if given the opportunity. When faced with the fear of spiders, bees, and snakes, think of the positive they bring to the ecosystem. Spiders capture all the pesky insects that enter a home or garden. Snakes eat the rodents before they enter your home or garden. Bees provide honey, pollinate, and aid with agriculture.

We are all apart of the circle of life. Just because an insect or animal is not human, does not mean that they are not worthy of living. Next time you lift your foot to step on a spider. Think of this Haiku:

Look, don’t kill that fly!

It is making a prayer to you

By rubbing its hands and feet.

By: Kobayashi Issa


An urban planning PhD student finding peace in creating a balance between the mind, body, soul, & environment.

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Photo Credit: Lisa-Marie Pierre

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