My mission is freedom. To freely transfer information, knowledge, and resources to myself, friends, family, and community. Learn. Grow. Pass.

I create ideas.

How I do this is by following my guiding values:

A love of learning leads to wonder: Curiosity is gaining new ideas and a genuine interest in life by asking questions.

Honing in on what to focus on allows for effectiveness: Organizing is making order from information and knowledge collected to provide a good foundation for asking the right questions and developing the right systems.

Ideas are a thought that can linger or take form; sometimes, all that is needed is a nudge in the right direction: Support is helping people identify an opportunity, develop it, and see it to completion.

Each and every one of us is born with a light and that light needs nurture and support: Growth is moving onward to create a desired change that helps nurture the light inside.  

Ideas should be enjoyed: Sharing is passing on information, ideas, and knowledge to current and future generations who can use that insight to grow.

Individual strengths are stronger when combined with the strength of others: Fellowship is belonging to a unified group and collectively working to support each other’s interests.

This blog is about transformation and growth. 

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I'm always evolving and doing new things; which can be found on my What I'm doing Now page.

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