Maven + Strategist

Hi Enterprisers,

My mission is to promote a growth mindset across the world through inclusion and improvement.

I support ideas.

How I do this is by following my guiding values:

Access - Access to resources and information is a basic right. It gives everyone the chance to generate and develop ideas.

Sharing - Ideas should be enjoyed. We pass on information and ideas to individuals who can use that insight to grow

Strategy - All of our services are guided by plan development. We ask questions and weigh all options to determine actions needed to achieve your ideas.

If you consider yourself an enterpriser - someone who courageously innovates (I love this explanation by Jim Rohn)- then this blog is the place for you.

I don't have a strict blogging schedule, but I try to post two times a month. If you are interested in catching up with my blog posts, subscribe to this blog (you can unsubscribe at anytime).

I'm always evolving and doing new things; which can be found on my What I'm doing Now page.

I look forward to connecting. Shoot me an email, lisamarie[at]lisamariepierre.com and let me know how you are enterprising and what information you need to reach your goals?


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