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Everyone should be able to access resources and pursue ideas. Society and the economy are effective when creativity is facilitated, not hindered. Each person should have the opportunity to make dreams a reality in an inclusive environment.

I  provide services and create content that support people pursuing and developing new ideas.

My services and content helps individuals and businesses develop ideas from start to finish. I encourage the long-time employee to act entrepreneurial within their existing company, develop a goal and brand strategy with the newly graduated, brainstorm with a new entrepreneur to create a business plan, and give small businesses capital to further their brand vision.

I take an inclusive and environmental lens to issues in entrepreneurship, education, and technology.



Making order. Helping hone in on what to focus on and what to discard

Strategy. Asking questions and weighing all options

Collaborating. Working with others to take ideas and accomplish a shared goal.

Sharing. Passing on information and ideas to individuals who can use that insight to grow

Enterprising. Being resourceful to creatively strive towards new ideas and change.


If you consider yourself an enterpriser - someone who courageously innovates (I love this explanation by Jim Rohn) - then this website is the place for you.

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I'm always evolving and doing new things; which can be found on my What I'm doing Now page.

I look forward to connecting. Shoot me an email, lisamarie[at]lisamariepierre.com and let me know how you are enterprising and what information you need to reach your goals?


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