My face feels great! Every week I do a facial steam/mask I skipped the last two weeks and I just did one today and I just am in love with the softness of my skin.
The other day someone asked me to go into details about my weekly facial regimen… so here it is!
Lisa’s 9 Step Weekly Facial Regimen
1. Exfoliating Scrub: Lemon, Oatmeal, Sugar
2. Steam: Steam with towel over head for about 10 minutes. I like to mix nettle/horsetail to boiling water
3. Mask: I use either Queen Afua’s mask (60 minutes) or Aztec Secret (20 minutes). I mix the Aztec Secret with Apple Cider Vinegar (water can be used too). Queen Afua’s mask does not need any additions.
4. Rinse: Wash off mask with warm water, then switch to cool water to close the pores
5. Dry
6. Aloe: After I dry my face, I use either fresh aloe leaf or organic aloe gel from Mountain Rose Herbs on my face.
7. Moisturize: I use my shea butter blend. Depending on the season my blend will change. Typically, it is a mix of shea butter, coconut oil, essential oil, and jojoba/grapeseed oil.
8. Enjoy: Look in the mirror and smile at your beauty!!
9. Upkeep: I do this once a week. I also like to K.I.S.S – Keep It Simple Silly (we don’t use names here! 😉 )


I been told my skin is nice and youthful. What is my secret? I don’t really have any. In fact I only started taking good care of my skin this year. I used to occasionally wash my face before bed, but then I thought if my skin looked good with the bare minimum, what it would look like if I actually kept up with it.


I don’t wear makeup. Last time makeup touched my face was prom and one time 5 years ago my sister practically forced eye shadow on me.


I drink about a gallon of water a day. I always have my water bottle on me. It helps to find one that you really like and is pleasing to the eye. My water bottle has become such an accessory, that when I don’t have it on me, people ask me where it is.


This might sound gross, but I don’t use soap on my face. I avoid anything harsh on my face. The only soap that touches my face is the remainder from showering (I use castile soap, black soap, or Kiss My Face).


At night is when I really care for my skin, because the skin rejuvenates itself while we sleep. I slather on my shea butter or grapeseed oil.


I exercise. I have heard exercise is good for circulation. I try to be active at least 4-5 times a week.


Smile! Laugh! I like to be silly. When I am in my comfort zone, it is quite likely I will do cartwheels and random dance moves. Basically I am a kid in a grown person’s body. I think staying young at heart can keep you looking young in appearance.


What are your beauty secrets?



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Photo Credit: Lisa-Marie Pierre


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