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I tried yoga for the first time a week ago and it was one of the harder things I have done in a long time. 

I was terrible. At one point, I almost started tearing up because I was embarrassed. My right knee is weak and we were leaning down in some position and I couldn’t get down. I saw myself in the mirror compared to everyone else and I just was not doing the move correctly. I was mortified. I’m sure no one was looking at me, but I was in the front and it felt like all eyes were on me. Not only was I unable to complete the moves like everyone else in the class, I also didn’t know the proper yoga etiquette; I wore my shoes, until the instructor told me to take the them off, I didn’t have a blanket, resistance band, or blocks. I was a hot mess.  Even though I was a hot mess and at one point just decided to not participate until the instructor came over to help me, I ended up finishing  the class.

Even though I was terrible, it did feel good to stretch out my body. It also felt good to complete the class and conquer a difficult task. I learned some things about myself after taking the class: 

I’m not as patient as I thought

I’ve always prided myself for being patient, but I was the first one to exit a pose, I couldn’t keep my eyes closed, and I couldn’t keep still. 

I need to stretch

I’m lucky I have never had a serious injury because I am tight! I need to stretch my body and relax. 

I’m determined

I’m not that patient, but I am determined. Even though I almost quit a few times, I was determined to complete the class and in the future  become a skilled yogi. 

Are any of you yogis? Any tips for beginners?


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