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Today I listened to an audiobook called 25 Things to Say to an Interviewer by Dexter Hawk, narrated by Llyod James and thought I would share the list.

1. I don’t guess or assume anything
2. I’m ready for problems before my boss and they are staring in my face
3. I stand up and take responsiblity when I’m wrong
4. I crank out more work than is expected of me
5. I compete fair and square
6. I have serious goals, I work hard for them
7. I write lucide, succcinct, memoranda
8. I’m always on time
9. I’ll get to know people in my business
10. I read business and trade magazines
11. I fit in, anywhere
12. I understand boss speak
13. I’m looking for a career
14. I’ve a sense of humor
15. I take a stand only on big issues
16. I don’t dismiss or underestimate anyone
17. I get to know and learn what everyone is doing in my company
18. I don’t waste time settling scores
19. I deliver on my promises
20. I don’t whine or complain
21. I’ve got a good sense of timing
22. I keep my mouth shut
23. I speak the truth
24. I turn out good work
25. I get along with my co-workers, I make myself get along with my boss

This list isn’t an exact wording of what you should say. The author wants to let individuals know that by the time they make it to the interview stage, the interviewer has read the resume and cover letter. The interview is not about the person repeating their cover letter, butabout them conveying to the interviewer that they have more to bring to the table. Show personality.

What would you add to this list?


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